HMIs & Your Business

As the complexity of tasks within the industrial and commercial sectors grow, there is an ever-expanding need for systems that allow people to work with them. This might be for analysing data, measuring performance, or simply providing a machine with instructions on how to manufacture a particular product. In short, there is a need to […]

The Era of the ‘Internet of Things’

We are living in a time of remarkable technological transformations. From automation in just about every industry streamlining everything, artificial intelligence becoming capable of doing just about any task and the internet becoming an integral part of all walks of life; it truly is a great and exciting time to be alive. Though perhaps one […]

New Ana-Digi Systems Company Logo

In order to reflect the core focus of our company, we decided to modify the script on our logo from “Industrial Electronics and Automation” to “Process Automation Solutions”. Solutions are what Ana-Digi are have been about for more than 34 years and the products we sell offer premium solutions. The change has been very well […]

Ex Rating introduced for all LSIS HMI units

With effect from January 2019, LSIS eXP and iXP2 touchscreen HMIs will be available with “Ex” rating, making the entire series suitable for use in gaseous environments. The eXP range caters for sizes between 4.3” and 10.2”, featuring high density colour screens with wide viewing angle of 45 degrees. The iXP2 series caters for ‘Ex” […]

The new buzzword in for the 21st Century is Energy Saving Drives

During the 20th century the prevailing sentiment was that power was cheap to produce and that we would never run out of resources to sustain our need for energy. As scientists and lobbyists entered the fray, arguments for sustainability and new ways of producing energy gained momentum.    In a recent conference hosted by Cape Province […]

Ana-Digi Systems Android™ application unavailable

Due to technical issues, the popular Ana-Digi Systems Android app is temporarily unavailable