Scada Systems

What is a Scada system?    Simply put, it is industrial software for Supervisory Control and Data  Acquisition. The purpose of the system is to allow access to industrial process both locally and at remote locations, to gather and process data, as well as monitor any changes in real time.

It is able to interact with the system controller (normally a PLC) to depict and monitor sensors, control valves, pumps, and motors and to see HMI software. What exactly is HMI?

It is also designed to be able to record events into a log file. It records data at all process points, but also can keep track with past, present and future changes and process events. The Scada system is important as it maintains efficiency levels for an industrial business and provides management with production data.

The Scada system offers your business the essential opportunity of being able to process data faster, in a way which facilitates better decisions.

Benefit of Automation Technology

The Scada system is based on the principal of automation. It can automate processes which do not require individual involvement. This is a benefit for a business which is plugging resources into manpower where it does not have to.

Automation optimises your production process, eliminating waste and costly, unnecessary manpower.

By eliminating unnecessary spend, your business saves in the present, where automation then equally will save you in the future.

On top of this, your business will be able to use available resources far better, and far more efficiently. This system can ensure that each department is able to get what its needs to thrive.

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