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The LSIS-Load Cell Amplifier input module


When it comes to Load Cell amplifiers the common denominator is quality versus costs. LS Industrial Systems has just launched a cost effective load cell amplifier as an expansion unit to the already well established XEC range of Plc’s hailing from and made in South Korea.

The LS XBF-LD02S is a 2 Channel amplifier with 8pins for channel 1 and 10pins for channel 2 which are isolated with internal excitation. When it comes to resolution it boasts 1/40 000 bits with an input range of 0.0-6.0mV and an estimated variance of 0.01%. The cycle time is set at 5ms per channel with a power consumption of 280mA on a 24VDC system.

With 350 Ω load cells one can add 4 load cells per channel thus providing the potential of 8 load cells per unit. This means that with XEC-DP32U Plc with its expandability of 10 I/O modules, one could add 40 load cells to one application. Along with this, 4 and 6 wire load cell capability are provided in the unit. With the 6 wire load cell one can compensate for external changes such as line resistance by providing feedback compensation.

Weight values can be scaled when integrating the load cell card with XG5000* integration software by LSIS. Decimal point positions can be specified up to three digits to the right. The rated weight can be set within a six-digit range from 1 to 999999.

The LS XBF-LD02S supports moving average, moving/ count average and moving/ time average through the application of the weight conversion processing built into the unit. Thus the card caters for conveyer, batching and other static and non-static application.

Thus when it comes to quality versus cost, the LSIS XBF-LD02S is well priced in comparison with its competitors and comes with the same quality industry has come to expect from this Korean manufacturer of Industrial automation equipment.

*(LSIS Plc programming software at no charge)    Instrumentation & Control : Engineer IT