In recent times, we have seen the gradual and powerful development of the Internet of Things (IOT). This technology is slowly but surely integrating into all aspects of our lives.

IOT is not easy to define, since it encompasses a broad spectrum of ideas and processes. At its core, the term IOT basically relates to several interrelated systems which can transfer data over a network autonomously.

It allows factories, offices, security systems, warehouses, homes and even domestic appliances to automatically access the web and has changed the way we live, work and interact with the world around us.

In daily life, we see IOT affording control of automated lighting systems, intelligent home appliances and more, creating the so-called Smart Home.

At work, automation via IOT is applied on multiple levels from production and team management to finances, billing and sales.

Cloud computing is now the norm. Data is processed in enormous volume and sent to users around the globe.

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