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The new generation of energy-saving variable speed drives from LSIS draws on Future Smart technology to bring significant savings in the cost of power and maintenance when installed in an HVAC or pumping system. The LISIS-H100 monitors the phases and demand of the motor internally and saves power without compromising the efficiency of the motor. As a result less power is used and the motor works more efficiently, with less possibility of failure.

The soft fill operation prevents unnecessary damage to the pump caused by severe pressure changes during startup sequences. In addition the start and stop ramps prevent pump damage by changing the ramp times used for acceleration and deceleration at the beginning and end of operation. Water hammer caused by stopping the motor or closing a valve is minimised by the innovative application of the deceleration valve ramp. The flow control feature corrects hydraulic losses that occur in long distance pipelines such as hydrants and irrigation systems by adding compensation rates to the inverter’s output frequency.

With multiple motor control (MMC), a single drive is used to control multiple motors in pumps or cooling towers. With one main motor and five auxiliary motors, synchronised multiple operations smoothly balance the system for a seamless HVAC or reticulation system. A real-time clock (RTC) timeously helps select functions at set points. The fire mode is designed for emergencies such as a fire in a pump station or fan exhaust while the motors are still operational. The drive continues to protect the system and run the operation until intervention takes place and there is motor and/or drive failure. These features all add up to a highly effective means of reducing power and maintenance costs.

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