A Mighty Mouse HMi launched     LSIS is very pleased to introduce the all new eXP20-TTA to its already very popular eXP range of HMi’s. This 4.3” WQVGA screen is the smaller brother of the WVGA eXP40 and eXP60. What sets this HMi apart from other brands is the processor. With mobile technology readily at hand, LSIS has opted to use an ARM9 Core, 454MHz CPU to drive the system. To complement this is the 16.7M colour 480 x 272 touch screen which is illuminated by the 30 000h LED’s. This and more is what makes this little HMi a mighty mouse. Among other things there is 64MB program storage and has an Ethernet port, RS232 and RS422/485 ports. Another thing that makes the eXp20-TTA a leader in its class is that LSIS has allowed for over 30 communication protocols as follows: LSIS, LS Mecapion, BACnet, BYD Auto, CAN in Automation, Control Techniques, DAEWON GSI, Dasarobot, Delta Electronics, Digital Electoronics (Pro-face), Fuji Electric Systems, GE Intelligent, HANYOUNG NUX, HIGEN Motors, Hitachi, HYUNDAI Elevator, KDT Systems, KEYENCE, KOYO Electronic, KTURBO, Lenze Automation, Panasonic Electric, Parker, PROFIBUS International, Beckhoff, TSSI, Mitsubishi Electric, OMRON, Rockwell Automation, RS Automation, Schneider Electric, SEW EURODRIVE, Siemens AG, Sprint Electric, YASKAWA Electric, YOKOKAWA Electric and FATEC Automation Corporation A standard that LSIS tries to follow in producing their products is quality and robustness. This range of HMi’s are able to operate at between 0-50̊C with an ambient humidity from 10-85%RH without condensation. This is achieved by the standard issuing of conforma coating to the pc boards. Judging by the response to the launch of the eXP40 and eXP60, the LSIS-eXP20-TTA is set to enjoy a lot of attention for those who have a discerning appreciation for cutting edge technology at a pocket pleasing price. Brochure