LG Industrial Systems name change

With effect from 1 April 2005, LG Industrial Systems, manufacturers of the well known PLC, HMI and variable speed drives, contactors and power tools, will change its name to LS Industrial Systems. (The familiar ‘smiley-face’ logo will change to the new LS corporate image.)

This move follows rationalisation within the 105 Billion US dollar per annum LG Corporation. The group has been split into three, to better accommodate the various production focus requirements of a diverse portfolio.

The three groups are: LG group, GS group and LS group. The LG group will continue with focus on domestic products. GS group will manufacture cellphones, test gear and similar equipment. The 17 Billion Dollar per annum LS group will be responsible for the manufacture of PLCs, HMI, variable speed drives, contactors, power tools and specialised cables.

The changes will not affect the manufacturing or marketing channels of the current range of products. Indeed, with the greater focus on specific products, the needs of the individual customer will be better catered for. The current South African marketing channel, LG Industrial Systems SA, remains unaltered. A name change will occur towards the end of 2005, in order to fit into the Global Vision of the LS group. The goal remains the same: ‘Top quality products, top quality support and distribution channels’.

For more information contact Keith Gross, 011 658 1369,