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LS Industrial Systems HMI scada software, branded InfoU, is an open architecture HMI/Scada operating system that delivers compatibility across many platforms. InfoU is designed to comply with customer needs through a user-friendly interface, which incorporates graphics to enable multi-faceted design options for any application.

InfoU has a wide range of automatic tag registrations across more than 50 industrial communication protocols. It is designed to give users the information they need about what, where and how processes are taking place, at speeds which are only constrained by hardware efficiencies. The platform integrates with a wide range of industrial components such as PLCs, servos and printers.

With InfoU Engineering Tool freely available for testing purposes, project design and implementation are easily accomplished. Tags are realistically priced and lifetime activation eliminates unnecessary yearly subscription fees. Other features include: data collection in real time as InfoU acts as a production manager collecting data for production reports, productivity, operator efficiencies, downtime and more, recording the information for later use sending it directly to remote recipients via various communication platforms to ensure delivery when and where needed.

InfoU also supports mobile servers that can monitor project management, tag values, groups and real-time alarms. Supported systems are Android or iOS devices. For Internet browser users, a WebServer is incorporated to allow browsing of process and production parameters.

The system provides logging capability limited not by tag count, but directly only by the available storage capacity. Adding to the versatility, there are automated systems to execute tasks that do not need intervention such as statistics, trend charts and productivity reports.

Using Excel or an equivalent spreadsheet program, users are able create reports to show actual production and gain and loss statistics. LSIS InfoU is designed to assist right through production to projections planning and implementation of strategies that make the plant lean and profitable.

For more information contact Ana-Digi Systems, 086 132 3334, sales@anadigi.co.zawww.anadigi.co.za