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LSIS is setting new standards in Ultimate Performance PLCs by reinventing the XEC range and introducing the NEW XEC-U with a backplane that is 30 times faster than its predecessor.

The XEC-U boasts many features that have not yet been seen in PLCs in its class. Before the XEC-U one would generally add to the costs of a project with all the add-on modules for communications, I/O, motion and analogues.

The XEC-U boasts among other things, 2xEthernet ports, 1xRS-232C, 1xRS-485, 1xUSB port, 32T or 28R I/O, Analog 4xI/4xO and four positioning axes.

All of this and more come at a price that helps users to build a system that will not cost the world. LSIS has also elected to provide the XG5000 integration software at no charge. The software is IEC compliant and supports LD, SFC and ST programming formats. Previous PLC models are all supported and converted to new models with ease and a little tweaking to align addressing.

Data logging and network integration made easy

With the two unmanaged Ethernet ports, designers can implement a variety of network topologies depending on the requirements of the system.

Data Logging is becoming the buzz word in plants as wasted time and production equals losses. This feature is part of the XEC-U ­package and is achieved either by FTP server or direct transfer of the csv file to a reporting system. This would assist with production monitoring, machine health and efficiency.

With the built-in web server capabilities to assist with logging, monitoring, and machine performance, users can develop an HTML webpage into a standard SD card. Viewing the page is achieved by accessing the IP address of the XEC-U through a standard web browser anywhere in the world. Added to this is a SNTP for time synchronising for setting parameters needed for production in real time.

An email server (SMTP) through commercially available email service providers makes it possible for fault, alarms and reporting to be sent on a regularly or a need to know basis. With an industrial mobile network modem, users can also send and receive SMSs for faults and alarms with reset, start, stop and other commands being sent in response.

As has been shown, the XEC-U warrants further investigation when it comes to modular type PLCs. With the XEC-U the bottom line is what counts and this is a well packaged solution for almost all automation needs.

For more information contact Ana-Digi Systems, 086 132 3334, sales@anadigi.co.za, www.anadigi.co.za