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With more and more machines the incorporation of electronics is becoming a norm. This has led to increased EMI or Electric and magnetic interference in production. EMI is generally caused by thyristor control, switching and VSDs. Although there are VSDs with built-in filters as a general rule most installations do not have internal filters.

As a result, EMI can wreak havoc causing inexplicable problems in the normal operation of machines. Ana-Digi Systems has a range of Normal EMI as well as Sine Wave Filters to address these issues.

The ADS-EM Filter range is designed to convert the VSDs pulse modulation square wave signal to a smooth sine wave, thus significantly reducing or even eliminating EMI.

Here are some of the benefits to this approach.

  • Protects motor insulation
  • Reduces bearing current leakage
  • Prolongs service life of motors
  • Reduces motor noise.
  • Reduces high frequency loss and EMI.
  • Extended cable length between motor and VSD greater than.
  • Available for 220V ~ 1140V three phase VSD system.
  • Suitable for motors and inverters from 0. 4kW – 1600kW.
  • Suitable for output carrier frequency ranges from 1.5 ~ 16 KHz.
  • Basic frequency range from 0Hz ~ 400 Hz